Will Mitchell

Will has accepted a position with StoryVine in Denver.

I love that as a software developer, my education is never over. There is always a new technology to learn, or a new methodology to try out. I want to work with a team that values creative thinking, disruptive business solutions, and continuous mentorship.

Best At
Ruby on Rails
Looking For
Intellectual Challenges
Building Products
Team Collaboration
Preferred Locations
Boulder, CO
Denver, CO
San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
New York, NY




This Rails project used the Twitter API to create an email-like client, which would allow a user to better track and respond to @mentions on Twitter.

What to look for
- Use of Resque and Redis for background work
- Wrapping of Twitter gem and Klout API dependencies
- Use of jQuery AJAX for improved UX

Fourth Meal


This project involved taking a previous Rails codebase which allowed users to place orders at an online restaurant, and extending it into a whitelabel service that any restaurant could use to create an online offering.

What to look for
- Use of caching & memoization for performance
- Redis & Resque for sending confirmation emails
- Integration with Stripe for payment processing



I use the open source learning platform to sharpen my skills in Ruby, Go, and Javascript, learn new techniques, and discover new languages

What to look for
- Test Driven Solutions
- Iterations based on feedback