Tyler Long

Tyler has accepted a remote position at Rent Path. I am not only looking for a company that will make me a better programmer, but also a solid team that values TDD, agile development, and a strong commitment to learning.

Best At
Problem Solving
Looking For
Full Stack Development
Pair Programming
Exposure to different programming languages
Preferred Locations
Berlin, DE
New York, NY
Sydney, AU
Seattle, WA
Boulder, CO
San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR


FooFoBerry - A multi app dashboard to integrate Github, Pivotal Tracker and Travis CI.


FooFoBerry is a service oriented application that acts as a live dashboard for commits, pivotal stories, and TravisCi build status. The application runs on six separate components: three of them built in Rails, one Ember.js front-end, a Ruby API-Gem, and a Sinatra callback receiver

What to look for
SOA Architecture
RSpec test coverage

Craveyard- A multitenancy app to facilitate online restaurant ordering


Craveyard is an online restaurant ordering system that hosts 10,000 restaurants and 100,000 users. We added multitenancy to a legacy code base and added Redis for a responsive interface.

What to look for
Caching, Redis
Stripe Payment extraction
Admin interface

Planting Season - An interactive application to help you plan your garden depending on available space and where you live. It also sends notifications about frost warnings, when to harvest, and companion planting


An interactive service oriented app, built with Rails and tested with RSpec

What to look for
Interactive interface
Solid testing both in Javascript and Ruby