Simon Taranto

Simon has accepted a position with thoughtbot in San Francisco.

I am looking for a team that cares about the growth of their developers and pushes team members to constantly improve. I would like to work in an environment where learning from breaking things is encouraged and new languages and techniques are explored frequently.

Best At
Ruby on Rails
Data modeling
Keeping a positive attitude when things go wrong
Looking For
Small Teams
Big Systems
Preferred Locations
San Francisco, CA


FooFoBerry - an at a glance real-time dashboard for development teams to track projects

My team integrated many external API's using SOA to produce a stunning real time dashboard. We built three Rails apps, a Sinatra app, and a gem to wrap our RESTful API. We tied it all together using Nginx and Passenger on a VPS.

What to look for
Service Oriented Architecture
Test Coverage

Fourth Meal - a multitenant restaurant ordering application

We created an easy to use and fast CMS and ordering platform for restaurants. We utilized Memcache, Redis, and database optimization to make the site lightning fast for users.

What to look for
Query Optimization
Background Workers
View Caching

Controller Refactoring - reducing the complexity of bloated controllers

My team was losing productivity because of overly complicated controller actions. This repo explains my refactoring process to increase the clarity and quality of our code.

What to look for
Stabby Lambdas
Service Objects