Romeeka Gayhart

Meeka has accepted a position with Quick Left in Boulder.

Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer seeking a company that invests in employee development and is commited to sustainable growth. Hoping for the chance to learn and work with a team of problem solvers.

Best At
Test Coverage
Enthusiasm in the Face of Error Messages
Project Management
Looking For
Open Source Positive Environments
Challenging Problems
Preferred Locations
New Orleans, LA
Boulder, CO
Denver, CO
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA

Portfolio - Keeping Programmers on Track was a fun challenge in consuming three different APIs (Github, Duolingo and Exercism) and homogenizing the data to create a personalized 'contribution streak tracking app' for users. Additionally, we wrestled with google charts to render user specific data.

What to look for
Use of Timecop and VCR to test the time and HTTP request specific pieces
Integration of data from three different APIs

AwesomeDad - Because Dads Are Awesome

AwesomeDad was a personal project created to show facts and pictures of my dad. I focused on keeping the app documented, easily forkable and customizable.

What to look for
How Awesome My Dad Is

Contributions to Open Source

Personal project to create pull requests for three different open source project.

What to look for
Use of Selenium, Database Cleaner, RSPEC, Factory Girl and Test Unit