Rolen Le

Rolen has accepted a remote position with WellMatch.

I am looking to join a company that wants to build a sustainable business and offers opportunities to grow both technically and professionally through continuous learning and mentorship. I want to work for a company that values communication and collaboration more than using the newest technologies.

Best At
Persistent Problem-Solving
Looking For
Building Products That MatterWorking With Big Data
Full Stack Development
Preferred Locations
New York, NY
Washington, DC
Atlanta, GA


Triptionary: A Social Media Aggregator

For this group project, we developed a social media aggregator where I worked on retrieving data from the Twitter and Foursquare APIs, creating background workers to consume the data on a regular basis. I then built an internal api for the workers to post to the database.

What to look for
API endpoint at /api/v1
The incorporation of Twitter under models/status_api.rb
The mocking and stubbing for the tests in spec/jobs

Mousecop: A Flamboyant Mock User Gem

After discovering the API, I built a small wrapper to retrieve the JSON via Faraday. Then I added simple ActiveRecord-esque methods to access the data.

What to look for
Calling to the external service via Faraday
The creation of an internal Player class
The simplicity of use


I solved problems such as sorting hashes, linked lists, and binary trees using TDD.

What to look for
Searching and sorting in the binary tree
The use of recursion in linked lists
The ability to use rspec and minitest