Persa Zula

Persa has accepted a position with Hireology remotely from Akron, OH.

I love to build things that have an impact. I want to solve problems that affect a broad range of people

Best At
Behavior-Driven Development
Helping others succeed
Getting Things Done!
Looking For
Backend Developer
Software Engineer
Developer Evangelist
Preferred Locations
Akron, OH
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH


Triptionary - An application to aggregate vacation memories

Test-driven Rails application that connects with Twitter, Instagram & Foursquare to provide trip memory timelines based on your social media activity. Invite friends that are on the trip with you to join your feed. Uses background workers and an API to reduce load on the application.

What to look for
HyperMedia API endpoint at
Native-app feel from the user interface
Test-driven development

FreshFinder - find reliable farmer's market information

FreshFinder helps users find reliable farmer's market information. Users can rate farmer's markets. Visitors can find the right market for them by using search functionality and user reviews.

What to look for
Hypermedia API
Multiple services working together
JavaScript front-end

Craveyard - Multi-tenant online food-ordering system

Test-driven Rails application built on top of a “legacy” codebase and implements multi-tenancy, caching, background workers, and a large amount of data while serving requests in under 100ms.

What to look for
Multi-user, multi-role implementation
Administrative interface
Integrated shopping cart experience across multiple restaurants