Nikhil Taneja

Nikhil is cofounding SwiftIntro in NYC.

I am a full-stack developer with a background in corporate and startup strategy. I'm looking for a fast-paced environment where continuous learning is encouraged.

Best At
Problem solving
Business strategy
Looking For
Building products
Technical challenges
Continuous learning
Preferred Locations
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
Washington, DC


Social Savvy

Interacts with Twitter and Klout APIs to help customer service representatives prioritize social media responses. I built a public API and wrapper gem while also incorporating OmniAuth

What to look for
Test coverage

Online Ordering System

An online ordering platform that can support thousands of restaurants. I refactored a legacy codebase, added multi-tenancy, and incorporated Stripe for payments.

What to look for
User experience

Friend Connect

Facilitates event planning among friends in the same city. I used Devise, jQuery, Resque/Redis, and SendGrid to build a one-page application

What to look for
Test coverage
Pushing logic down to the model
Background workers