Nathaniel Watts

Nathaniel has accepted a position with Oven Bits in Dallas, TX.

I don't just want to settle with being a decent programmer - I want to be an expert of my craft. I love learning, being challenged, and working on passionate - driven - teams. My desire is to work in an environment that solves real problems with sustainable solutions, and values teammates both in and out of the office.

Best At
Test Driven Development
Solving Real Problems with Software
Teamwork / Teambuilding
Looking For
Best Practices
Continuous Learning
Passion for Excellence
Great Team Dynamics & Culture
Preferred Locations
Boulder, CO
Denver, CO
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL


FooFoBerry - A real-time dashboard for software teams and clients to use to track progress and momentum.

Our team collaborated to build a our product using a Service Oriented Architecture approach. Altogether we built three Rails applications, an application built using Sinatra to receive webhook callbacks from GitHub and Pivotal Tracker, as well as an Ember.js application that listened to [Pusher]( channels to post real-time updates. We tied all these together using a gem to interface with our API, as well as Nginx and Phusion Passenger on a VPS.

What to look for
Service Oriented Architecture
High test coverage
API created with the Rails API gem
Ember.js - a team idea submission platform.

The business logic was implemeneted in pure Ruby. Sinatra was added to serve a web interface, and I built a simple gem to wrap the Sinatra API. Technologies include: Ruby, Sinatra, JavaScript, Pusher, Haml, TDD with MiniTest and Rack/Test

What to look for
API Endpoints
Pusher Integration
Accompanying Gem:

A* Search Algorithm - an exploration of documenting my process implementing A* in Ruby using TDD.

My goal for this personal project is to write blog posts detailing my process of learning how to implement the A* Search Algorithm using Ruby. Currently a work in progress.

What to look for