Magan Adam

Adam has accepted a position with thoughtbot in Stockholm.

I seek to join a company that places emphasis on continous learning, pair programming and TDD. A developer centric organisation that places a lot of responsibility and trust in their developers.

Best At
Test Driven Development
Clean Code
Problem Solving
Looking For
Continuous Learning
Great Culture
Preferred Locations
West Midlands, UK
London, UK


Noshify - Multi-Tenant Restaurant Ordering Platform.

We inherited a legacy code base and extended it to support multi-tenancy. It was a software as a Service for restaurant owners I developed with two gSchool classmates.

What to look for
High Test Coverage
Regression Tests
Multiple Permission Levels

Duolingo - Api Wrapper Gem

A wrapper gem for the duolingo api that was built by me as a side project.

What to look for
High Test Coverage
HTTP Requests VCR
Clean Code