Luke Martinez

Luke has accepted a position with SendGrid in Denver.

I am eager to grow as a programmer. I want to work for a company that values agile development, and invests in the growth of its new developers.

Best At
Looking For
Full stack development
Agile practices
Challenging problems
A good learning environment
Preferred Locations
Denver, CO


Beary Hungry - A multitenancy application for online restaurant ordering.

An online restaurant ordering platform capable of hosting 10,000 restaurants and 100,000 users. The app implemented background workers, caching and pagination to decrease query and page load times.

What to look for
Email and SMS notification
Caching and Indexing
Test coverage

Runline- This application lets you compare workout data from with friends

This application consumes and aggregates data from the MapMyFitness API. Runline allows users to compare their stats and runs with friends. The learning goal for this project was maintaining separation between our app and the API by using a wrapper gem.

What to look for
Wrapper Gem for API response
Front end design
Friendships database relationship

Idea Box - An application that lets you make short posts about whats on your mind.

My first web application. I am in the process of refactoring and redesigning Idea Box using the skills and techniques I have learned in the past three months.

What to look for
Styling tags removed from views and put in a stylesheet
Extracted partials to clean up views
Simplified or removed business logic from views
Refactored complex or confusing methods