Louisa Barrett

Louisa has accepted a position with Mondo Robot in Boulder.

I'm on the hunt for a great team building great products. I thrive in tight-knit, collaborative environments and love working with dedicated, driven teammates. I'm passionate about education, conservation, healthcare, design and great user experiences. I continually seek out ways to learn new skills and push myself outside of my comfort zone, and I take great pride in doing the best work possible.

Best At
Pair programming
Attention to detail and love of well crafted code
Looking For
Continued learning and growth as a developer
Supportive team environment
A blend of front and back-end responsibilities
Preferred Locations
Denver, CO
Boulder, CO
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Austin, TX


Runline 2.0


This was a project in refactoring. As part of a two person team, we challenged ourselves to implement object oriented programming and single responsibility principles to extremes and dive deeply into OOP concepts. We focused on taking small steps, keeping our test suite running green, and creating a variety of service objects that adhere to SRP.

What to look for
Test coverage
Objects with clearly defined responsibilities
Object Oriented Programming principles

FundIt - a fund-raising app


An in-process, solo project creating a fund-raising site built using Ruby, Rails and RSpec.

What to look for
Attention to MVC architecture

Command Query - Solutions to a series of kata-like tests practicing how objects change in Ruby.


This was a fun group of bite-sized, foundational Ruby problems to work through, ranging in difficulty from simple to tricky.

What to look for
Consistency of solutions
Solid understanding of changing the state of an object