Katrina Engelsted

Katrina has accepted a position with the National Park Service in Denver.

Katrina is looking for a collaborative, mentoring environment (preferably one that works with geospatial analytics and/or maps). She seeks a place that encourages transparency, communication, TDD and agile development.

Best At
Looking For
Continuous Learning
Exposure to all things Javascript
Open Source
Encouraging, Fun Environment
Preferred Locations
Denver, CO
Boulder, CO




An application to share trip memories through social media. Practiced OAuth login and API integration with Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. Parsed geojson for rendering dynamic maps. Check it out: www.triptionary.tk

What to look for
Heavy API integration
API endpoint at /api/v1
Incorporation of Twitter under models/status_api.rb
Mocking and stubbing for the tests in spec/jobs

FreshFinder (work in progress)


Multiple services integrated to provide and output farmers market data. The app displays farmers markets locations and allows users to search for them by location and name. See it live at:

What to look for
GeoJSON with MapBox and Leaflet.js
Multiple app integration

Beary Hungry


A multi-tenancy application for online restaurant ordering. This project took an existing code base that had many failing tests and broken functionality and built upon it. Explore it at: www.bearyhungry.tk

What to look for
Email and SMS notification
Caching and Indexing
Test coverage on all added or refactored Features