Jonah Moses

Jonah has accepted a position with NewRelic in Portland.

I am a software developer with considerable business management and sales experience. My software development skills continue to evolve and my learning will never be finished, and I love that! My goal is to be with a company that views coding as a craft and takes great pride in the quality of the code produced. The community that I look forward to being involved with is as enthusiastic about teaching and community involvement as I am with learning and sharing what I have learned. Being with a team that pair programs, believes in mentoring, enjoys having fun and works hard together while also encouraging growth is my ideal scenario.

Best At
Test Driven Development
Complex Problem Solving
Looking For
Continuous Learning
Community Involvement
Full Stack Exposure
Flexible & Fun Culture
Preferred Locations
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Boulder, CO

Portfolio - Keeping Programmers on Track was a fun challenge in consuming three different APIs (Github, Duolingo and Exercism) and homogenizing the data to create a personalized 'contribution streak tracking app' for users. Additionally, we wrestled with google charts to render user specific data.

What to look for
JSON API Integrations/Queries
Cron Jobs
Background Workers

Fourth Meal - A multiple restaurant online commerce platform to facilitate online ordering.

Ruby on Rails project. Multi-tenant restaurant ordering platform. Started with existing code base which required refactoring and additional test coverage.

What to look for
Individual Carts
Background Workers

Clone Wars - Rebuilt a clients’ site as a Sinatra and SQL-database powered web application.

Sinatra based project. Took a clients static website, discovered their pain of the site (updating his menu daily with Dreamweaver/pdf's/ftp'ing), redid site with an admin backend to allow for dynamically creating a daily menu system very simply and conveniently.

What to look for
Customizable & Updatable Menu System
Admin Dashboard