Darryl Pequeen II

Darryl has accepted a position with iTriage in Denver.

The nitty-gritty, it's what I like... I don't just want to join a company - I want to join a team. I want to work with a group of people that care about educating each-other and working towards a common goal. I'm eager to continually push myself to become a better programmer.

Best At
Utilizing TDD - to drive cleanly written code", "Finding bugs and documenting the fix", "Brainstorming new ideas with my team
Looking For
Quality Assurance
Continuous Learning
Building Products
Preferred Locations
Boulder, CO
Longmont, CO
Fort Collins, CO
Denver, CO


Mile High - Social Reviewing For Marijuana Stores (Group Project)


Collaborating with three other students, we created a site where people can locate and review retail marijuana stores in their neighborhood. Integrated API’s to get information about store locations, strain details and reviews - including Leafly, and Facebook.

What to look for
Use of Two Custom Gems - Rolling Paper and Nugz
Custom GeoJSON Implementation
Integration with Facebook and Leafly