Bryana Knight

Bryana has accepted a position with WellMatch working from Seattle.

I strive to be a collaborative teammate and effective communicator as much as a strong developer, so I'm seeking a company that values mentorship and pair programming as well as independent work. I want to be challenged to tackle difficult problems by creating quality software.

Best At
Looking For
Continuous Learning
Full Stack Development
Collaborative work environment
Preferred Locations
Seattle, WA
Boston, MA
Washington, DC



A version of Yelp for legal Marijuana stores in Colorado. We authenticated using Facebook, wrote a gem to expose our own API and another to consume the Leafly API.

What to look for
webscraping using Nokogiri
database indexing
JavaScript and jQuery implementation
RSpec test coverage

Fourth Meal

Worked with a legacy codebase of an individual restaurant online ordering system to build a restaurant platform capable of hosting thousands of restaurants.

What to look for
background workers
'Russian Doll' fragment caching
scalable architecture

Walk It Off

Fitness and Nutrition app built using SOA. Includes integration with the Fitbit and Fatsecret API’s.

What to look for
JavaScript charts