Billy Griffin

Billy is returning to work on Base Directory in Denver.

I am Co-founder of Base Directory, a mobile and web-based application to help service members and their families find information on military bases. I am interested in learning about new opportunities and participate in creating exciting products, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best At
Understanding Business Value
Back-end Web Development
Problem Solving
Looking For
Creating cool stuff that helps people
Fun and Engaging Work Environment
Autonomous Culture
Preferred Locations
Denver, CO
Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY


Noshify - a web based restaurant ordering system

In Noshify we took an existing ordering system for one restaurant and used multi-tenancy to create a platform that thousands of restaurants could utilize. It was a really fun project, and I worked primarily on the back end, specifically background workers using Resque, seeding large amounts of data, performance enhancements with caching and database indexing, and more.

What to look for
Background workers using Resque
Test coverage

Runline - a web based application that allows you to compare running stats with your friends

With Runline we wanted to pull existing running data for a user from MapMyFitness and allow the user to compare their stats with their Runline friends. This was a fun project, and I worked on creating the idea of friendships, background workers, and cron jobs with the whenever gem, among other things.

What to look for
Clean design and code organization
Separation of responsibilities
Accessing External API - a web based application to allow military members and their families to easily find information on bases around the world

I did not actually write any of the code for Base Directory, but I'm COO of the company and have overseen all aspects of product development. Our app is like Yelp or TripAdvisor for the military community, providing an online resource for base establishment information (including Commissaries, Exchanges, Movie Theaters, Gyms, etc.

What to look for
Ease of navigation
Making information more accessible and dynamic