Ben Lewis

Ben has accepted a position with Quick Left in Boulder.

I’m seeking a position where value is placed on the craft of programming via pairing, TDD, and a dedication to continuous learning. I want to collaborate creatively with colleagues to build elegant solutions to difficult problems.

Best At
Test Driven Development
Software Architecture Design
Solving Complex Problems
Looking For
Full Stack Development
Solving Difficult Problems
Continuous Learning
Preferred Locations
Boulder, CO
Denver, CO


Noshify - Multi-Tenant Restaurant Ordering Platform.

Software as a Service Rails Application for restaurant owners I developed with two gSchool classmates. We inherited a Rails project and extended it to support multi-tenancy.

What to look for
High Test Coverage
Multiple Permission Levels
Performance Enhancement via Database Indexing, Caching, and Background Workers

Mile High - Social Reviewing For Marijuana Stores

I collaborated with three other students to build this site, where users can search for nearby marijuana stores and review them. Our process was driven by client iteration planning and BDD. We paired exclusively, with great success.

What to look for
Use of Two Custom Gems - Rolling Paper and Nugz
Custom GeoJSON Implementation
Integration with Facebook and Leafly

JetFuel Express - Url Shortening Service

Url shortening service mimicking I created this single page app using Backbone.js.

What to look for
Backend Built in Node with Express.js
Backbone View Swapping
Custom User Authentication