Bree Thomas

Bree has accepted a position with iTriage in Denver.

I am looking to join a team that invests in the growth of its developers and values the craft of building products and solutions that are amazing on the outside and well-built on the inside. As a new developer, I bring enthusiasm and a desire to learn and collaborate with others.

Best At
Empathy for the User
Creative Problem Solving
Spotting Devilish Details
Looking For
Learning Environment
Challenging Problems to Solve
Fun Atmosphere
Preferred Locations
Denver, CO



An app that facilitates healthy competition amongst friends by sharing their running stats. Learning goals included interfacing with multiple APIs, TDD, custom VPS instance, use of background workers and delivering on a beautiful customer experience.

What to look for
Custom front-end
API wrapper gem for MapMyFitness
Test Driven Development
Background Workers


In this project, we inherited a legacy online ordering platform that served one restaurant, and were tasked with refactoring, as well as expanding the platform to serve multiple restaurants. In this project, my teammates and I focused on the backend, exploring the challenges of multitenancy, performance and cacheing, and improving test coverage.

What to look for
Javascript katas is a platform where developers collaborate on small challenges with the goal of creating simple, expressive, readable code. The process of iterating through fellow developers feedback has instilled in me a drive and practice to keep the craft of writing code and the specific effects of design choices top of mind.

What to look for
Concise, Readable Code
Interesting Algorithms
A Dash of Metaprogramming