• Magan Adam

    Magan Adam

    Adam has accepted a position with thoughtbot in Stockholm.

    I seek to join a company that places emphasis on continous learning, pair programming and TDD. A developer centric organisation that places a lot of responsibility and trust in their developers.

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  • Louisa Barrett

    Louisa Barrett

    Louisa has accepted a position with Mondo Robot in Boulder.

    I'm on the hunt for a great team building great products. I thrive in tight-knit, collaborative environments and love working with dedicated, driven teammates. I'm passionate about education, conservation, healthcare, design and great user experiences. I continually seek out ways to learn new skills a...

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  • Katrina Engelsted

    Katrina Engelsted

    Katrina has accepted a position with the National Park Service in Denver.

    Katrina is looking for a collaborative, mentoring environment (preferably one that works with geospatial analytics and/or maps). She seeks a place that encourages transparency, communication, TDD and agile development.

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  • Romeeka Gayhart

    Romeeka Gayhart

    Meeka has accepted a position with Quick Left in Boulder.

    Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer seeking a company that invests in employee development and is commited to sustainable growth. Hoping for the chance to learn and work with a team of problem solvers.

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  • Billy Griffin

    Billy Griffin

    Billy is returning to work on Base Directory in Denver.

    I am Co-founder of Base Directory, a mobile and web-based application to help service members and their families find information on military bases. I am interested in learning about new opportunities and participate in creating exciting products, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

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  • Ben Horne

    Ben Horne

    Ben has accepted a position with GoSpotCheck in Denver.

    I am a developer looking for a company that will enhance my technical skills and push me to collaborate and explore new perspectives. I excel at working closely with others and finding compromise, allowing me to thrive in small team environments with constantly changing demands. As a dedicated musician, ...

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  • George Hudson

    George Hudson

    George has accepted a position with 6kites in Boulder.

    After just switching careers to learn a new skill set, I am adamant about placing myself in a position where I can continue to grow in the programming field, ideally in an education, medical, or literary setting.

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  • Bryana Knight

    Bryana Knight

    Bryana has accepted a position with WellMatch working from Seattle.

    I strive to be a collaborative teammate and effective communicator as much as a strong developer, so I'm seeking a company that values mentorship and pair programming as well as independent work. I want to be challenged to tackle difficult problems by creating quality software.

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  • Rolen Le

    Rolen Le

    Rolen has accepted a remote position with WellMatch.

    I am looking to join a company that wants to build a sustainable business and offers opportunities to grow both technically and professionally through continuous learning and mentorship. I want to work for a company that values communication and collaboration more than using the newest technologies.

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  • Ben Lewis

    Ben Lewis

    Ben has accepted a position with Quick Left in Boulder.

    I’m seeking a position where value is placed on the craft of programming via pairing, TDD, and a dedication to continuous learning. I want to collaborate creatively with colleagues to build elegant solutions to difficult problems.

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  • Tyler Long

    Tyler Long

    Tyler has accepted a remote position at Rent Path. I am not only looking for a company that will make me a better programmer, but also a solid team that values TDD, agile development, and a strong commitment to learning.

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  • Luke Martinez

    Luke Martinez

    Luke has accepted a position with SendGrid in Denver.

    I am eager to grow as a programmer. I want to work for a company that values agile development, and invests in the growth of its new developers.

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  • Will Mitchell

    Will Mitchell

    Will has accepted a position with StoryVine in Denver.

    I love that as a software developer, my education is never over. There is always a new technology to learn, or a new methodology to try out. I want to work with a team that values creative thinking, disruptive business solutions, and continuous mentorship.

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  • Jonah Moses

    Jonah Moses

    Jonah has accepted a position with NewRelic in Portland.

    I am a software developer with considerable business management and sales experience. My software development skills continue to evolve and my learning will never be finished, and I love that! My goal is to be with a company that views coding as a craft and takes great pride in the quality of the code prod...

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  • Darryl Pequeen II

    Darryl Pequeen II

    Darryl has accepted a position with iTriage in Denver.

    The nitty-gritty, it's what I like... I don't just want to join a company - I want to join a team. I want to work with a group of people that care about educating each-other and working towards a common goal. I'm eager to continually push myself to become a better programmer.

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  • Antony Siegert

    Antony Siegert

    Anotny has accepted a position with OptumIT in Broomfield.

    After six months drinking from the fire-hose of gSchool I have only just begun my programming career. I am seeking a collaborative, mentoring environment where my years of customer service and business management experience can add value to the company on top of my programming. I am looking forward to joining a ...

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  • Lauren Spath Luhring

    Lauren Spath Luhring

    Lauren has accepted a position with NREL in Golden, CO.

    I'm a full stack developer eager to take what I've learned at gSchool and use it to sink my teeth into an impactful project with other smart, driven people. I'd love to be a part of an agile team that supports continuous learning, drives behavior and development with tests, and laughs a lot while doing so.

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  • Quentin Tai

    Quentin Tai

    Quentin is cofounding a startup named Lynxsy in New York City.

    Development and continuous learning will always be a passion of mine. I want to be able to effortlessly communicate the skills that I learn with my peers.

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  • Nikhil Taneja

    Nikhil Taneja

    Nikhil is cofounding SwiftIntro in NYC.

    I am a full-stack developer with a background in corporate and startup strategy. I'm looking for a fast-paced environment where continuous learning is encouraged.

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  • Simon Taranto

    Simon Taranto

    Simon has accepted a position with thoughtbot in San Francisco.

    I am looking for a team that cares about the growth of their developers and pushes team members to constantly improve. I would like to work in an environment where learning from breaking things is encouraged and new languages and techniques are explored frequently.

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  • Bree Thomas

    Bree Thomas

    Bree has accepted a position with iTriage in Denver.

    I am looking to join a team that invests in the growth of its developers and values the craft of building products and solutions that are amazing on the outside and well-built on the inside. As a new developer, I bring enthusiasm and a desire to learn and collaborate with others.

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  • Nathaniel Watts

    Nathaniel Watts

    Nathaniel has accepted a position with Oven Bits in Dallas, TX.

    I don't just want to settle with being a decent programmer - I want to be an expert of my craft. I love learning, being challenged, and working on passionate - driven - teams. My desire is to work in an environment that solves real problems with sustainable solutions, and values teammates both in and ou...

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  • Brian Winterling

    Brian Winterling

    Brian has accepted a position with iTriage in Denver.

    I love diving in and learning new things, and sharing what I've learned with others. A workplace that encourages that drive is important. With a broad business background, I'm able to bring a fresh perspective to company problems. Most importantly, I want to really enjoy the people I work with and be part o...

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  • Persa Zula

    Persa Zula

    Persa has accepted a position with Hireology remotely from Akron, OH.

    I love to build things that have an impact. I want to solve problems that affect a broad range of people

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